Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend an in-person class?

Although online education is a valuable tool, it cannot replace live, in-person instruction. Insulin Forward in-person classes are taught by specially trained Diabetes Educators who will help you develop and execute a personalized education plan.

How does an in-person class differ from an online lesson?

Our online lessons are designed to prepare you for onsite instructor-led classes. The online lessons only cover an introduction to our five main topics. The onsite classes will provide a deep understanding of Diabetes Basics, Glucose Monitoring, Intensive Insulin Management, and Carbohydrate Counting.

What can I expect at class?

During an Insulin Forward class, you'll experience a warm, open environment geared toward helping you develop and execute the patient's diabetes care plan. Our instructors are specially trained to help you, your family or fellow caregivers, and the patient's physician.

Will there be homework?

Because we understand that your time is limited, our instructors do not assign homework. But your instructor will ask you to practice carbohydrate counting between the first and second classes.

How long will the class take?

Insulin Forward offers two classes, each lasting one-and-a-half hours. Your instructor will stay after class to help anyone who has specific questions and needs.

Will I have to pay for the classes or buy anything?

No. Insulin Forward classes are free, and you won't need any special materials.

Can my son or daughter attend an InsulinForward class?

Yes, you can bring your son or daughter to an InsulinForward class. We want to make sure child or adolescent have a positive experience at our InsulinForward classes. We ask you to decide whether an interactive, 1.5 hour class will not easily distract or disinterest your child.